Holmen Wrestling
Holmen Wrestling

Youth Wrestling Club

Our goal is to have your kid try the sport of wrestling and keep them out.  We want focus on the long term goal of guiding the your kid to be a productive High School wrestler.

Starting at Prek-1st grade, showing the fundamentals of wrestling, limiting the tournaments the kids are exposed to and having fun is the focus.  While the kids progress to the 2nd and 3rd grade levels, we are still working on our fundamentals of wrestling, but changing our focus to establish a coachable attitude and great work ethic.  At this level we are getting more exposed to tournaments.  Lastly grades 4th – 8th we now have the work ethic, fundamentals and coachable wrestler established.  We now want to focus on the technique and mental aspect of wrestling.

Throughout each progression, we are not focusing on the wins and losses, but more of the development of the wrestler.  We again are striving to produce a productive High School wrestler.


New Registration Steps

      1. Purchase or Renew USA Wrestling Card @ usawmembership.com
        ***USA Wrestling card is Mandatory for ALL wrestlers***
      2. Download, Complete and print Registration. Wrestling Registration Form 2017.pdf
      3. Attend a Parent Meeting & Registration session
        • When:  Monday November 13th from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
        • Where: Holmen High School (Fine Arts Center)
        • Bring the following
          1. Copy of USA Wrestling Card
          2. Printed & Signed Registration
          3. Payment Check
            • $50 2nd – 8th
            • $25 pre-K – 1st
          4. Volunteer Deposit Check
            • $150 2nd – 8th
            • $75 pre-K – 1st


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