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If my child joins wrestling, will they be forced to lose weight?

Wrestlers are NOT required to lose weight.  The WIAA regulates and enforces rules associated with weight loss.  A certified health professional conducts a skinfold analysis on each athlete to predict minimum weights.  These weights are enforced and regulated with extensive rules and regulations.  An athlete participating in the sport of wrestling is only allowed to lose .5 lbs per day.  As a coach I follow these rules and guidelines.  I also communicate with parents when an athlete gets near their minimum weight.  Some athletes are NEVER required to lose weight.  In cases where athletes are watching their weight, I am available for consultation on safe techniques, proper nutrition, and good dieting habits.  Generally these situations only happen with experienced wrestlers who have a desire to achieve a certain weight within the weights the WIAA grants them to wrestle.

My child has never wrestled before and wants to join H.S. wrestling. Isn't H.S. too late to begin?

Absolutely NOT!  Our coaching staff at HHS loves new wrestlers!  A wrestler who has never wrestled before has zero bad habits to break 🙂  The Holmen wrestling program has many examples of people who started wrestling in high school and accomplished great feats.  Our program has thrived on talent discovered in high school.  I am a strong believer that success comes with hard work.  It is not too late to begin wrestling as long it is understood that instant success in wrestling is rarely heard of.  Everyone has to climb the ladder, but those that can work through adversity and are willing to learn, often climb the ladder rather quickly.

How does a beginning wrestler fit on a team with only two levels -- JV and Varsity?

Wrestling does only have two levels — Varsity and JV.  Varsity is paired solely based on weight classes.  In order to wrestle varsity you have prove you are the best person on your team in that weight class.  There are only 14 weight classes that wrestle varsity —  everyone else is considered JV.  When JV wrestlers compete, they are paired based on weight, AND experience.  The goal of JV wrestling is to develop wrestlers to eventually be varsity caliber.  The coaches rank their wrestler’s ability along with their weight to get favorable match ups for proper development.

What are the weight classes in H.S. wrestling?

106 lbs –113 lbs — 120 lbs — 126 lbs — 132 lbs — 145 lbs — 152 lbs — 160 lbs — 170 lbs — 182 lbs — 195 lbs — 220 lbs –285 lbs

These weights are maximum weights.  A wrestler can weigh less than the weight class they wrestle.  For example a wrestler that weighs 101 lbs would compete at 106 lbs.

During the season the WIAA grants growth allowance pounds.  After Christmas two pounds are granted for each weight class.  For example, the 106 lbs weight class allows the athletes to weight 108lbs.  A third pound is allowed in Feb.  This allows the athletes to weigh 3 pounds over the scratch weight class.

What is women's wrestling and how does it work?

Women’s wrestling is a now a division within wrestling.  In this division, women only wrestle women.  Holmen is one of the leaders in women wrestling and we look to continue to add this opportunity for women during the winter sport season.  It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, the sport of wrestling can be very fun to learn and teaches lots of great life lessons.  There are currently limited competitions available, but we do offer a few competitions throughout the year.  There are many colleges who are adding women’s divisions and many scholarships exist.
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