Those two things are probably the most recognizable when it comes to football and wrestling. For Florida State University linebacker and leading tackler Reggie Northrup, it’s the art of the takedown that makes him a better tackler.

In this interview from last season, Northrup, his teammates and head coach Jimbo Fisher discuss how his wrestling background helps him be the defensive menace for the Seminole’s.

Some of the most incredible men of the gridiron, such as current Falcon’s wide receiver Roddy White (2x South Carolina State Champ), former Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis (Florida State Champ) and former NFL fullback Lorenzo Neal (NCAA All-American), used to mix it up on the mat before playing in front of thousands on Sunday’s.

Recently, ESPN analyst and three-time Super Bowl Champ Mark Schlereth spoke about how wrestling was “the most challenging sport (he’s) ever been involved with.” Schlereth was a state champ in Alaska when he was in high school and gives plenty of credit to the sport for making him the competitor he was in the NFL.