Holmen Wrestling
Holmen Wrestling

Pillars of Holmen Women’s Wrestling

We believe that character development is important in wrestling and in life.  The “Pillars of Holmen Women’s Wrestling” are what we want to base our program around.  These pillars are important in becoming lifelong champions!


  • Contributing to our culture in a way that helps our fun, positive, and relaxed environment.


  • Holding a teammate accountable, accepting everyone, being selfless for the team, or fighting for your teammates.


  • Demonstrating qualities that could be used as a lesson outside of wrestling. For example, balancing schoolwork and wrestling during a late competition night. 

Elite Mindset

  • Qualities of an elite (or growth) mindset such as learning from a mistake or focusing on the process over the outcome. Other examples are having confidence, persevering through a tough situation, and brushing off adversity.


  • Showing technique improvement during matches and/or hitting something great in a match that correlates with our technique philosophy. 


  • A person who guides or directs the group in a positive way.

HS Women’s Events
February 29, 2024
March 1, 2024
March 2, 2024
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HVWC Events
February 27, 2024
February 29, 2024
March 3, 2024
  • 6th - 8th Middle School Team State Duals
    9:00 am6:00 pm

    Location: Verona Area High School, 234 Wildcat Wy, Verona, WI 53593, USA

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